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Missionary Apostle Dr. Linda Marcell, Founder & CEO of Agape Global Missions

Commissioned Missionary from Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA

Senior Pastor:  Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Ph.D., D. Min.

Mission Field: Kampala, Uganda (2004 - Present)

Apostle Linda F. Marcell, an ordained minister and founding president of Agape Global Missions, a
non-profit mission organization based in Inglewood, California, is a full-time missionary serving in
Kampala Uganda. Agape Global Missions is also a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in
Uganda where Dr. Marcell serves as founder and Chief Executive Officer. She is also founding President of
Linda Marcell Ministries. While serving in Uganda, Dr. Marcell, a Christian psychologist and church planter
is currently the Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Church International and is recognized globally as a
conference speaker and teacher who host seminars and trainings on such topics as missions, crisis
intervention and trauma counseling, leadership and discipleship. Dr. Marcell was invited to participate in
the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization,which was held in South Africa at the Cape Town
International Convention Centre on October 16-25, 2010.
Agape Global Missions
Kevin & Gertrude Nicholas

Missionaries to Papua New Guinea
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Kevin is a Literacy Consultant
Gertrude is the Pacific Area Literacy Coordinator

Kevin & Gertrude are both grateful to the Lord for providing us with the opportunity to serve Him
in Papua New Guinea together. Before getting married in September 22, 2001 Gertrude was
serving in Papua New Guinea and Kevin in the Philippines. We never dreamed that the Lord
would bring someone into our lives with the same vision that we could continue to serve the
Lord in this way. After 9 years of marriage we are still amazed at what the Lord has done.

It is the prayers and financial support of partners like you that enable us to continue to serve in
this way.

Nicholas News
Brooke Smalley

Missionary to Chambrun, Haiti
Nehemiah Visions Ministries Nurse

Nehemiah Vision Ministries
Hope and Haiti
Susan Franklin

Women's Prison Ministry in Texas
Due to the sensitive nature of the assignment,
we are unable to provide the name and photo
of the missionary who is currently serving in a
predominantly Muslim country.  We thank you
in advance for your prayers of protection while
he/she is on the field.
Jim and Cheryl Warner

Missionaries to Chambrun, Haiti
Global Training Network.

Jim and Cheryl Warner work for Global
Training Network.

Global Training Network (GTN) exists to train
and develop indigenous pastors and leaders
in countries that do not have access to many
of the educational resources available in the
United States and other parts of the world.
GTN is a nonprofit organization that exists to
build and develop quality leadership around
the world.

God has called them  to serve in Haiti
ministering with Pastor Pierre of Nehemiah
Vision Ministries.

Warner's Haiti Ministry
Global Training Network
Global Aid Network
Marla Winslow

Missionary to Philippines
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Elementary School Teacher
Furlough Personal Partnership Dev.

Marla is privileged to fulfill a long term call to the
Philippines and to help in Bible Translation through
her teaching at Faith Academy Mindanao. She loves
working with children inside and outside of the
classroom, and teaching God’s Word wherever the
doors open. She joined Wycliffe in 2005 and has
served at Faith Academy since 2006. She plans to
return after furlough in 2012. Marla says, "Please
share in the harvest in the Philippines by praying
and giving as the Lord leads."